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Fiat 500L (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Fiat 500L (2013) | The Fiat 500L combines the iconic nature of the 500 style with the functionality of Fiat's design. If the 500 is the super-compact car perfect for young people and the city, the Fiat 500L is the first car of the 500 family Able to contain the small pleasures and life's greatest emotions all together: children, friends, Journeys, music and community . The letter 'L' sums up the three dimensions enclosed in the new Fiat solution: Large, Meant as functionality and space; Light, when 'lightness' means user-friendly technology and eco-friendliness; and Loft, a trend-setting environment where one can live life to the fullest.

Besides, Fiat has always been a byword for innovative cars offer sophisticated technological solutions That the which are nonetheless straightforward to use and satisfy both the concrete needs of everyday mobility as well as the growing social awareness toward the environment and safety. But 'lightness' is also an easy and immediate relationship with the network connection, navigation and infotainment systems offers the Fiat 500L, the which use simplified "human-friendly" interfaces. In short, the Fiat 500L is a generous car in terms of both contents and technology, easy to use and to enjoy.

The new 105 HP 0.9 Turbo is the maximum evolution of the TwinAir That family of engines combine the concept of downsizing (reduction of displacement and weight) with sophisticated engineering supercharging Such as through a turbocharger, the exhaust manifold integration in the cylinder head and the brand 2 new MultiAir intake-valve control system. The exhaust manifold in the cylinder head instead reduces the temperature of the exhaust gases (which are directly cooled by the engine cooling system). The small petrol engine with 2-cylinder architecture combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox develops 105 HP at 5.500 rpm with a maximum torque of 145 Nm at just 2.000 rpm.  As on the previous Turbo TwinAir applications, ECO mode is also available for the new Fiat 500L: in this condition the maximum torque delivered is limited to 120 Nm and the power to 98 HP, allowing the power unit to function in the operating range of the which permits Thus Spake maximum efficiency and minimum emissions.

The Fiat 500L is the first car of the Fiat group to be fitted out with a multimedia device based on the new generation of UConnect, the new infotainment platform developed by Fiat Group Automobiles.

UConnect was designed with the aim of creating a multifunction system Able to manage all of the playing media content on the car, Such as the radio, mobile phone, Media Player, iPod or smartphone and in the near future a navigation system. The system also includes an advanced Bluetooth interface to access extra functions Such as phone call management or reading received SMS text messages via text-to-speech technology, the innovative Audio Streaming That system reproduces music files and web radio stations directly from your smartphone in streaming UConnect via Bluetooth on the device.

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