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Ebisu Circuit Course Introduction

The 2007 Autobacs D1 Grand Prix season was the seventh season for the D1 Grand Prix series and was the second season for its spinoff D1 Street Legal.

It was the first time since 2003 that the entire series took place entirely in Japan.

It began on 4 February 2007, as a D1SL exclusive event at Sekia Hills, the mainstay D1GP event opened on 25 March at Ebisu Circuit. At the same year, due to its popularity of its US point scoring round that was held over three seasons, it saw an introduction of its own domestic series, but the series would suffer two setbacks as it suffered from two cancellations, one at Irwindale Speedway on 11 March, due to its Japanese competitors who were to compete, had been building cars specially to compete in the series and could not get the cars ready in time for the event[1]

The D1 US organisation suffered a further blow when due to unresolved issues, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors refused license to the D1 event to take place at Altamont Motorsports Park on 24 June, forcing it to be cancelled.[2]

It was to be the second season for the Malaysian franchise, D1MY; but due to unforeseen circumstances, round 1, which was to take place on March, was cancelled. Nothing has been heard about the organisation since.[3]

The season will be best remembered for the two-car accident between Masato Kawabata and Daigo Saito in Fuji Speedway, when during the sudden death second tsuiou round, Saito dipped into the inner apex of the 300R corner, causing his car to understeer and collecting Kawabata's Silvia onto the tyre barrier in the process, severely destroyed both cars. Kawabata had a second luck escape as when he collided with the barrier, a nitrous tank housed on the passenger side of his vehicle exploded from the impact, but played no part in Kawabata's injury.Among those narrowly escaping death was Video Option cameraman, Zaku, had to duck to avoid debris from the crash. Both drivers survived without serious injuries, but however Kawabata had to be taken to hospital for treatment for whiplash injuries.[4][5]

The season will end on 25 November with an end of season All-Star event. The last D1GP event held will be on 21 October at Fuji Speedway and 11 November for D1SL at Sekia Hills.


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