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Double Dose

Can you surely overdose?

Full OD can cause craziness.

These two machines had been each an extended build method.

One sourced from parts upon new release and the alternative sourced from hunting for those discontinued portions.

The owner of this Drift Package is presently in setup phase. Still getting know how the lengthy jogging Yokomo chassis works with the OD upgrades.

But my DRB is well and surely setup. It's my fashion device. Big perspective CS with loopy camber.

When these two are facet by way of side, it's an awesome aspect that these exhibit level chassis are both ripe for abuse.

There's nonetheless a whole lot of cleanup that I'd like to do on my longer term DRB and I even have some components ready.

But I do not suppose I can ever suit the sheer quantity of Overdose emblems on this float package deal. So why no longer add that one extra.

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