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Cool Vehicles

Here is a cool car idea - a mobile office designed by LimousinesWorld - for the rich, successful people whose work requires constant presence, as well as those who like to travel in comfort.

Mobile Office SUV is ideal for working in the road during the long-distance trips and traveling, and being in a car, you can work on your computer, use the Internet, watch TV. There are also work desks, large comfortable chairs, floor and ceiling lights, two 7-inch screen, DVD and stereo, and bar.

And enough space inside for the reception of visitors. This exclusive office you can make based on the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti QX56, or Ford Expedition.

For more information and prices, please visit www.Limousinesworld.Com/SUVlimousines.Htm

Check out this cool custom VW Beetle Trike!

This unique trike was built from an air-cooled mid-70's VW Beetle car and a 1987 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. It features seating for two passengers and a gull wing style door.

One night, in the fall of 1993, Harrod Blank had a dream in which he covered his van with cameras and then drove around and took pictures of people on the streets. The public, unaware that the cameras worked, reacted naturally. At the end of the dream, Harrod looked at pictures taken with the van of faces frozen in the moment of awe, pictures so powerful that the next morning he decided to attempt to build such a vehicle in reality. This is the result....

With the help of friends, Harrod spent the next two years designing and building the van. With a lot of trial and error, the van was completed in 1995 and made it's debut voyage in April leaving his home in Berkeley California, stoping in Houston and New Orleans and ending up in New York City where he would live and take pictures with the van for the following six months.

Where is the van now?

Find out more information and visit www.Cameravan.Com

Since the launch of the KTM X-Bow in mid-2008, the radical, lightweight, mid-engined concept with its stunning carbon fibre monocoque has attracted massive interest from both consumers and from the media. It has been bestowed with numerous awards, of which the latest is Top Gear magazine's 'Sportscar of the Year'.

Anyone wishing to experience KTM's first sportscar doesn't have to wait until the spring: just in time for the cold season, the open top sportscar has been made winter proof!

Watch a video of the KTM X Bow in action:

To assist with catching that perfect four-wheel drift through the pristine white winter wonderland, there are numerous accessories from the KTM PowerParts and PowerWear collections to choose from. Pirelli Sottozero snow tyres are available ? With central locking as well as with five bolt wheels.

For intrepid drivers that like their thrills to be more extreme ? A common trait of X-Bow buyers ? Snow chains are available, which are of course homologated and ensure good traction under the most demanding of conditions.

Drivers are protected against 'Jack Frost' with advanced clothing by Sch?Ffel and a helmet by Schuberth, all specifically designed for winter action in the X-Bow. The full set (helmet, jacket and trousers) is available from 950 Euro*.

And once the fun is over, the X-Bow too is allowed to jump into its protective winter attire: an indoor cover is available from 380 Euro*, and for protection on the ski-lift car-park an outdoor cover is available from 325 Euro*.

A collection of fast cool police cars from around the world. Ever wondered what happens to your money when you get a speeding ticket? They splash out on cars like these, that's what they do!

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car

From the country that has the world?S greatest concentration of supercar manufacturers comes the world?S fastest cop car.

Yes, the lucky Italian cops have a Lamborghini Gallardo at their disposal, a genuine police car used by the Italian Carabinieri to patrol the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway outside Rome. Prime hunting ground indeed, because its 5.0-litre V10 will grant it 193mph flat out and a tarmac-ruining 0-60mph time of around four seconds. But it isn?T just a patrol car for chasing wrung-out Fiats, Alfa Romeos and the occasional Ferrari.

The Police-liveried Gallardo also doubles as a super-fast response car, with the ability to be the first on the scene of a serious accident. It carries life saving medical equipment such as a defibrillator to revive car crash victims, and is used as a high-speed shuttle to transport organs between hospitals. Best of all is that with four-wheel-drive sending all 500 horses into the road, the Gallardo patrol car can be used all year round in all weathers.

Ferrari 250 GT Police Car

Believe anything Hollywood says and you?Ll already be thinking all the cool coppers drive around in Ferraris ? They certainly do in Magnum, Miami Vice and Bad Boys 2. But back in the ?60s the Italian police drove one for real.

The lucky driver?S name was Marshal Armando Spatafora, something of a legend in Rome it seems, and his car was a 250 GTE. Together, they patrolled the streets of Rome for nearly a decade, hunting down serious criminals in the kind of heroic chases Hollywood directors would kill for.

For its day, the car was seriously quick, with a 240bhp engine that could sling-shot it speedily round the tight Roman streets. As you?D expect, no car of the day stood a chance, especially as the GTE shared its roots with the 250 GTO, one of Ferrari?S finest supercars and racers. The 250 GTE was also the first mass-produced four-seat Ferrari, so there was actually a bit of space to stick any arrestees. But it looked so damn cool you?D probably want to commit some crime just to see it in action. These days it's as rare as a straight politician but the actual car used still survives in a museum of police cars in Rome.

Porsche 911 TechArt Police Car

Next time you?Re tearing along the Autobhan and forget to slow down for a restricted area, just be aware that the German police have a fleet of Porsche 911s at their disposal, the granddaddy of them all being this TechArt-enhanced 911 Carrera S.

And you really don?T want to mess with it. The tiga.8-litre engine has been tuned by TechArt to give 367bhp ? That?S enough to get it to 60mph in 4.7 seconds and on to a 186mph max ? Or in other words, unless you?Re in a supercar and you?Re slightly unhinged, you don?T stand a chance. Nice work if you can get it?

More Cool Police Cars from around the World

Here are some more cool police cars from around the world.

Finally, obviously not real but the Bugatti Veyron would be worth joining the police for!

A Delorean Limosine...Now way this is so cool. Check out the pictures!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

This awesome DeLorean DMC Limo has all the key features a somewhat classic limo design. The original Gullwing doors ? The original vintage rims and the 1960?S retro look to go with them? I?M absolutely loving this...As cool cars go, this is one hell of a cool car!

Koenigsegg CCX

The Cool Koenigsegg CCX is a very cool car! Until last year, Koenigsegg was a little known independent supercar manufacturer quietly toiling away in northern Sweden.

It took a decade, but last year their CCR contoh took the Guinness World Record for speed in a production car, granting them the attention and accolades of car fans around the world.

Now, the new kings of Swede speed have released the CCX, which is street- and emissions-legal in the U.S. Including the world's largest supercar market, California. Not to worry, the CCX maintains the CCR's incredible 245 mph speed rating.


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