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BMW Zagato Roadster Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | BMW Zagato Roadster Concept (2012) | The decision to launch another collaboration Between Italian coachbuilder Zagato and BMW was made only a short time after the Zagato Coupé BMW took its first bow. Encouraged by the positive reaction to the Coupé, Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design, and Andrea Zagato soon Agreed to take Their partnership a step further. On the menu this time would be a Roadster model. The BMW Roadster Zagato was duly conjured up in record haste, with only six weeks separating the first design idea from the finished model.  Andrea Zagato picks up on the theme: "Our success in finishing the car in Such a short space of time shows what is possible when two companies pool Successful Their resources," says Zagato. "BMW is a high-Achieving a carmaker boasting the vast well of knowledge and technical capability in this area.

A low-set kidney grille, complete with intricate z-grating design, as well as focused twin circular headlights and a three-dimensional front apron shape the expressive face of the BMW Roadster Zagato, as They do the front end of the Coupé. Overall, the BMW Zagato Roadster's front end is very three-dimensional, wide and powerfully formed. The nose surges forward dynamically, dipping down close to the road, and allows the BMW Roadster Zagato to cut an agile figure, Crouching as if about to pounce. The focused headlights accentuate the car's driver-oriented character and high-speed concept: the "Razorlight" - a precise LED light strip set into the matt surface above the headlights - these elements finishes off with an extra touch of class. Sitting low Between the headlights is Zagato's take on the BMW kidney grille, featuring matt surrounds kidney.

The BMW Roadster Zagato zeroes in on this peculiarity and consciously allows the inside and outside boundaries Between to blur. A strip of brown leather wraps around the interior like a rail to create a visual connection Between the inside of the car and its exterior. Embracing the driver and passenger like a large protective arm, this leather provides an attractive adornment transition into the otherwise predominantly black interior. The interplay of colors and composition of details bathe the interior of the BMW Roadster Zagato in a sumptuous ambience, while the brown "z" embroidered into the seats is a further Nod to its origins.

The tail of the sharply chiselled Zagato Roadster BMW provides a fine advertisement for the exquisite talents of the Zagato body specialists. Taken as a whole, the rear of the BMW Roadster Zagato has a very broad, low-slung appearance, giving the car a wide stance and muscularity Planted on the road. Like Those of its counterpart Coupé, the BMW Zagato Roadster's rear lights are arranged behind the black tinted glass. Beneath it, the dark diffuser BMW Gives the Roadster Zagato a squat, powerful stance. Exhaust tailpipes positioned towards the outer edges of the rear add further emphasis, another contributing Their matt finish Flourish of quality.

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