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Audi’s new electric vehicle is talk of the town

The world is moving towards saving the environment from adverse effects of fuel consuming vehicles which are a prime source of polluting the environment. The trend now is moving steadily towards changing the entire lifestyle including use of electric cars which has zero emissions and are operated through rechargeable batteries. The smoke from cars has already done so much damage to our environment resulting in climate changes across the globe. Audi, one of the well-known auto manufacturer, has also jumped in the race by putting forward its new model's concept. This new car is intended to go all-electric. Continue to read more about Audi’s new electric car must, visit German car tech first.

New Audi Electric

Audi to take over Tesla

There is immense pressure on the auto makers to introduce electric cars in the market befitting the taste of their consumers. Audi has reportedly shown intensions to hit the market with three brand new electric vehicles by 2020. The Audi e-Tron Sport back will start production in 2019. Audi’s all electric Quattro will begin its initial sale later next year which will soon be joined by e-tron Sportback electric SUV. So, by then there will be options for buyers in this domain.

New Audi Electric Interior

It will have a tough competition with tesla’s model X. Right now, Tesla is the only option for you if you are planning to get yourself a luxurious fully electric car. However, Audi is determined to get a plunge into the expanding market of electric cars. It is good to see electric car compete with a luxury packed SUV. The future car will be more expressive and intelligent in ways that will completely transform your driving experience. If you are excited about cars being your assistant on the road, the future belongs to you.

A look at Specs

Equipped with latest tech specs, this upcoming model will be a treat for car lovers. It is said to be a complete package inside and out with impressive performance and high rated efficiency. The E-Tron Sport back will be similar in size to the Audi A7 and will have the same sort of sleek roofline. Matrix LED, laser lighting and OLEDs are designed to provide new levels of light-based communication with the outside world, as well as passengers inside the cabin.

New Audi Electric Back Side

The coupe is meant to be very intelligent with its highly responsive infotainment system. Another jaw dropping feature is its strategically placed cameras that pipe real-time images. These cameras are positioned into the interior of car’s doors so as to give you a clear and complete picture of what’s happening in your surroundings. We offer exceptional & quick Audi Reconditioned Engines Service in all over UK at affordable price. Visit us at www.germancartech.co.uk and get free price quotes.

Aside from the good looking exterior, this SUV is said to achieve 0-60mph in a brief time of 4.5-second. Impressive, isn’t it! Supported by a 95kWh battery, this Audi is capable of going up to 300 miles. The concept car has three electric motors that will produce a combined power of 496bhp and torque of 590lb ft.  The batteries can be charged wirelessly, using an AC home charger or a DC fast charger, with the latter expected to give an 80% charge in just 30mins.

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