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2018 Lexus LC Special Editions Inspired by Black Panther Movie

The Lexus LC will star in Marvel’s Black Panther next year, and as an early celebration, Lexus is showing off two special-edition coupes inspired by the movie. The two vehicles will be on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas from October 31.

One of the vehicles is a production model, while the other is just a concept. Said to embody the characteristics of King T’Challa and his home country of Wakanda, the 2018 Lexus LC Inspiration Series goes on sale next spring. Only 100 copies will be sold in the U.S. This vehicle’s most alluring feature is its Structural Blue paint job inspired by iridescent morpho butterflies. The paint contains no blue pigment, but its unique construction reflects blue light, and according to Lexus, “highlights the vehicle’s dynamic design and features to produce a compelling motion effect even when parked.”

Other than the paint task, the unique model has 21-inch wheels, a uniquely badged carbon fiber scuff plate, and a bespoke interior with a Signature Barneys sommelier set. Pricing for the Inspiration Series LC could be introduced closer to release.

The idea receives extra blatant cues from the film. The fictional metal vibranium is stated for use in the powertrain to provide greater increase and inside the exterior paint to make the automobile resistant to bullets. The automobile also features a pulsating underbody glow, aspect mirrors designed after a panther?S claw, a wide-body package, and Remote Pilot Kimoyo Bead Interface permitting it to be pushed remotely from manipulate stations inside the fictional city of Birnin Zana.

Black Panther hits theaters February sixteen, 2018.

Source: Lexus

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