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2015 best cars | Best vehicles for older drivers

2015 best cars

The last thing any car busines craves is to have a reputation as an" old man's car ."

2015 best cars | But that might not be so bad for the bottom line, since elderly drivers are a huge and proliferating sell. The number of older American drivers jumped 50% between 1999 and 2015.

So the folks over at Consumer Reports decided to put together a listing of what they consider to be the 25 excellent vehicles for older drivers in the June issue. It includes primarily crossover SUVs but some sedans as well.

The five that stood out as the more good were the Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, Kia Soul, Subaru Legacy and Kia Sportage. Among the other vehicles in the listing were the Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Santa Fe.

People tend to over-estimate health risks were imposed by older drivers. Young drivers are still the most dangerous, by far, to its implementation of lethal gate-crashes per mile, according to data gathered by the magazine.

But there is an increased risk that comes with drivers over 70. Preferring the right car can help mitigate some of the dangers and nervousness of driving while aging.

The magazine considered the following factors: 

Front-seat access. The right move height makes a big difference in how easy-going it is a matter of drivers to get in an out of a vehicle -- not so low-pitched that they were required to duck, but not so high that they have to climb up to get behind the steering wheel.

Visibility. Consumer Reports car commentators looked for vehicles in which both tall and short drivers could see easily out of the front, back and back windows.

Controls. Good autoes for elderly drivers should have easy-to-read guess and simple ascendancies. That includes knobs and buttons for situations like the radio and climate control as well as gear displacements, some of which have gotten trickier lately. In information, there have been recalls for vehicles with mystifying gear-selectors that have led to accidents.

Headlights. Vehicle can vary a lot in terms of how well their headlights light up the road ahead. Older people can have an specially hard time ensure without adequate light over enough area.

Of course, there moves a moment when a drivers ceases to be be behind the wheel , no matter what kind of accommodations a car are likely to have. The publication also recommends that households figure out how to help older members get around when driving safely is greater possible.

Source : money.cnn.com
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