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2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept

2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept
2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept

2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept.When Nissan descended the Frontier Diesel Runner Concept with a 2.8 -liter Cummins diesel four-cylinder under its translucent punk at the 2014 Chicago auto show, it was like a missile had exploded at McCormick Place. A diesel engine in a compact getaway!( Or something like that, given the Windy City show's sleepy-eyed reputation .) Where have you been all of our lives? Besides every other country, of course.

Indeed, as with driver-side sliding entrances on minivans and express-open openings, a diesel-powered compact seemed( and still seems) like a why-haven't-we-had-this-all-along kind of doctrine. After all, with inordinate torque and considerable fuel economy advantages over large-displacement gasoline-powered locomotives, diesels are natural fits for large pickups, so why not small-time trucks?

So "were in" first in line to sample a modestly furnished, Cummins-powered Frontier Crew Cab prototype that Nissan provided for evaluation. And while the powertrain itself was bumpy and in need of a heavy quantity of elaboration, what we experienced met us that much more convinced that the diesel compact truck has a future here.

The diesel engine itself is a new, 2.8 -liter mill that produces approximately 200 horsepower and a hearty 350 lb-ft of torque, according to Nissan. Being meticulous not to overstate its declarations about the diesel's capability, Nissan instead is stressed the mill's fuel economy, which it enunciates should increase by about 35 percent in comparison with the gas-powered V-6 in the 2014 Frontier. It will do so while also roughly joining the six-holer's towing and warhead abilities( which can reach up to 6500 and 1480 pounds, respectively ). So you don't have to look it up, the Frontier Crew Cab V -6 achieves an EPA approximated 16 mpg municipal/ 22 mpg route, this is why we figure that a diesel-powered form would jump into the 22 -mpg city/ 30 -mpg highway neighborhood. But compare the influence digits to the 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft generated by the V-6 and the 152 colts and 171 lb-ft of the inline-four in the present Frontier, and one can see how anybody who regularly trawls a trailer or replenishes the bottom might be attracted to such a machine.

2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept
2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept

How's it drive? Well, without counterbalance gibes, optimized engine settings, and other refinements, the Cummins engine's current state intends it isn't close to ready for make, even copulated as it is to ZF's versatile 8HP70 eight-speed manual transmission. The engine trembles substantially, and is none very discreet with its industrial-sounding, spoon-in-a-blender diesel rattle. And there is "intentional" turbo lag, according to Cummins marketing communications overseer Steve Sanders, who rode along with us for the test drive." You'll see why ."

Alas, we did, upon our first full-throttle start. The engine hooted and we traveled a sluggish initial 30 to 40 hoofs, then the backside motors began to rotate wildly, inducing us to back off the control to recapture our traction. Of direction, we echoed this procedure at every subsequent opportunity--delayed-reaction burnouts are amusing, don't ya know. Yet, the diesel is eminently drivable when controlled with some judiciousness. It's hardly speedy off the line, but the plentiful reserves of mutter are certainly filling. We would have enjoyed to load up the bottom with a half-ton of substance and be seen to what extent it acted, but that will have to wait for another time.

So it wields. We had no doubts that it would. Moving forwards, we will be interested to see how refined this powertrain becomes as it nudges toward something salable. Truck diesels don't need to be as whisper-quiet and smooth as those found in modern indulgence sedans, but the shake and valvetrain interference will nonetheless have to be domesticate, and the turbo slow is required to be smoothed out before anyone would choose it over a gas V-6. Anything is possible, mentioned Sanders, but to what stretch that will happen" depends on how much Nissan am willing to devote ." ZF, at the least, is a inclined marriage, although the eight-speed's electronic shifter pattern will likely change from the prototype's current T-shaped handle promoted from the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept
2017 nissan frontier crew cab | Diesel Runner Concept

So, what are its chances for production? Fairly good, at the least for the next-generation Frontier, which is still two or three years away. By then, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickups will be on wall street with their own 2.8 -liter four-cylinder diesel. This Frontier would cause Nissan a compression-ignition answer to those trucks, one brandishing the Cummins specify , no less. Hey, it cultivated amazements for Dodge and Ram trucks.

It's too early to nail down a price for the Cummins-powered Frontier, but expect to pay a decent payment over a comparably given gas V-6 version. Located on the $25 K currently blamed for a Frontier S 2WD short-wheelbase Crew Cab V -6 automatic, the Cummins diesel form is very likely to push $30,000.

Certainly, if enthusiasm amongst the Nissan and Cummins parties prescribed government decisions, a production Frontier diesel would be here tomorrow." I hope Nissan departs for it ," mentioned Sanders." At this level, it would nearly be remorseless if it didn't ." We agree.

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