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2017 Audi A4 2.0T premium plus sedan,price,specs

2017 Audi A4 2.0T premium plus sedan,price,specs
2017 Audi A4 2.0T premium plus sedan,price,specs

2017 Audi A4 2.0T premium plus sedan,price,specs - Never mind the impending bubble explode, it's technology's time and Audi couldn't be happier. The 2017 A4 is the last attempt to prove attractivenes and brawn can't beat intelligence outright. And this is the company's best subject in 20 years.

For two decades, the A4 has been the anchor of Audi's lineup and key in its rebirth in the post-Unintended Acceleration daylights. This auto has managed to build up a successful following by being an alternative to the most popular BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class while being nearly as good, if not actually better, than the contender. Audi chose to stake a claim in simple-minded robes considering technology that was more intuitive than some, being different without being difficult.

But Audi is as much a part of the establishment as its big rivals now, so it's not getting any alternative cracks anymore. It's the young tech startup that's finally a grownup- and learned to dress like one.

While Jonathon Ramsey got to drive this new A4 last dropped in Italy, Audi cast me to San Diego last week to drive the US-spec simulation that goes on sale in a couple of weeks. And, in short, if you liked the old-time A4, you'll really like this one.

The fact this example is known internally at Audi as "B9" is a coincidence when you think about its exterior designing. The new A4 is surely attractive, but you'll have to be a huge Audi aficionado to differentiate this over the old-fashioned vehicle at a glance. And I dare you to find someone who's actually piqued by any part of the design. Some creases lower down on the side of the new vehicle help kill the bloated sound of the outgoing example, without adding too much fuss. Audi still has Acura beat in the "precision" race. Other new details of note are a wider grille and slimmer headlights( xenons are standard, full LEDs optional) that shape the figurehead of the A4 look lower than before, and new sequential turn signals out back that are just fun to watch in traffic.

Changes are much more see inside. The tall, somewhat slab-sided rush of the old-fashioned vehicle is depart and replaced by something with a more airy feel that we've seen in the TT and Q7. There's less of a pitch-black rush to get in the way of the expansive windshield and magnanimous slope glass, all odd in today's automotive terrain. You're going to enjoy the facts of the case "youre seeing" out of the A4. 

This car is also the latest recipient of Audi's Virtual Cockpit, the members of the $3,250 Technology Package on Premium Plus and standard on top-level Prestige frameworks. As in the TT and Q7 that likewise render it, the Virtual Cockpit is a slick presentation of every part of data a move could crave- vehicle datum, changing a radio station, zooming in and out of the sharp-witted Google Earth imaging. Oh yeah, and how fast you're going, very. There's more good news on the tech figurehead: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now included, as are two USB ports instead of the old proprietary cable.

The Virtual Cockpit is just one of the ways the Audi A4 remains the Mathlete among entry level indulgence sedans. All of the safety tech that was last shown on the 2017 Q7 has formed its behavior to this far more popular simulate, such as the Audi Turn Assist that throws on the restraints if sensors think you're going to turn into oncoming commerce. The adaptive sail control that's part of the Driver Assistance Package can brake for impending corners, as well as be tied to sign identification so a abrupt drop in acceleration limits doesn't catch you off his guard. It's the best arrangement I've used.

But what if you want to drive your Audi? 

The A4 is still powered by a 2.0 -liter turbocharged inline-four, with standard front-wheel drive or optional Quattro all-wheel drive. But the new 2.0 T spates out about 40 more horses than before, for a total of 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. The sprint from 0-60 slides in under the six-second marker with all-wheel drive, according to Audi, which is awfully close to what a V8-powered S4 did just a decade ago. The four feelings most robust than blistering, at the least from a stop, thanks to a fatty torque stripe that starts from 1,600 rpm and goes to 4,000. It's more than capable of get around slow-moving Leafs and Prii on the roadway, if you're curious.

My drive time was confined to Quattro models, which is what the great majority of purchasers pick, according to Audi. For now, the A4 goes one transmitting, the seven-speed dual-clutch automated( S-tronic, in Audispeak) that supplants the CVT previously offered on front-drive cars. A manual arrives sometime in 2017, available only with Quattro. It's hard to see how that manual are truly improve matters, though. While it suffers from lazy first-to-second alterations at city rushes, the S-tronic has the sort of crisp, quick alterations that the best dual-clutches are known for. The disturb comes from a throttle that requires a firmer press from your right foot than initially mulled , no matter which of the Audi Drive Select modes you're in. Smooth starts from a stoplight get easier with practice.

The EPA hasn't returned official gasoline economy figures hitherto, but Audi officials hint at them being competitive with the BMW and Mercedes turbo fours.

Audi says the A4 is sloped at the sportier slope of the luxury segment, gunning for more of an enthusiast's ear than someone who wants solely a comfortable chair to go to and from employ. And the brand-new car is clearly competent in tight corners, feeling more planted than heavy as the all-wheel-drive organisation shuffles strength around. All models come with the Audi Drive Select controller for Normal, Sport, etc. modes that adjust steering and throttle inputs. Yet adaptive dampers for the suspension are an option. And if I had to split hairs, the adaptive suspension might be a little sharper when it's in the most aggressive place, even if street flaws were sounded and seemed with the common 18 -inch wheels. In all of the cars, the comfort determining is most seemed in the steering, which moves from being artificial with good weight to having little look or weight. Save your $1,000 on the dampers and leave the Drive Select in automated mode.

With that, the A4 is more comfortable than it is engaging. You won't get into fus in the regions( at least not in a Quattro version ), but I'll bet a rear-drive 3 Line or a Cadillac ATS will give you more exhilaration. On the other mitt, the Audi rivals a C-Class or Volvo S6 0 for its ability to cover hundreds of miles in a single stretch.

I drove two A4s, a Prestige trim with pretty much every alternative, priced at $54,000, and a much more common A4 Quattro Premium Plus with the Technology Package( navigation, wifi hotspot, Virtual Cockpit) that stickers for just below $48,000- what Audi considers to be its large-scale vendor of the A4 line- and at least three grand less than a similarly furnished BMW 328 i or Mercedes C3 00. The A4 moves off as good value and sensibly furnished, without endangering on much. There's little that perceives unfinished about the Audi, in terms of searches, technology and driving dynamics, which pretty much closes its case for me. That, and you are able to have it in a new gloom green color, which I'm a chump for.

In the class of 2016 German luxury sedans, the A4 still emulates against the jock 3 Line and the high-society minor C-Class, growing off as the Stanford-bound valedictorian that happens to cleaning process really well. But you might want to stay friends when it comes epoch for its IPO, just saying.

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Source      : Autoblog.com
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