Know how to Wash a safe car engine let me Avoid Damage

Know how to Wash a safe car engine let me Avoid Damage
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
How to wash the car engine

How to wash the car engine.One of the areas of the car are the most rarely cleared by owner is part of the engine room.

Whereas, if the engine room cleared, then the component on the machine could awake condition.

However, there could be carelessly when washing the engine room
There should you do, to avoid electrocution or even damage to the electrical components.

"To clean up the engine room usually use a degreaser," said Andre Auto Owner Bling, Premium Car Wash & Detailing on JL. Karang Tengah, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

Andre insists, before washing the engine room, we recommend that you first find out where the layout of the electrical components.

"The position of the ECU, fuse-fuse, and related electrical components, it should be covered with plastic, so try that section are not exposed to the water," explained Andre.

Then after the electrical components ensured safety, prepare a water spray.

"So with plain water spray on sections you want to clean, except for the part that's been covered," said Andre.
After, sprayed with water, then use a degreaser.

"Spray with degreaser, brushes, while you can use a toothbrush or brush engine," said Andre.

After application, the degreaser, spray the area again with water.

After the degreaser clean, then sprayed with water, so that the compressor wind the rest of the washing down to the bottom.

According to Andre, it's not silenced for too long, because it can cause the crust.

"After the blow with the wind, let stand for 2-3, do not jump starter car, concerned about possible electrocution," said Andre again.

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