2017 Audi A5 - 2.0T Sport 2dr All-wheel Drive quattro Coupe - auto car for sale

2017 Audi A5 - 2.0T Sport 2dr All-wheel Drive quattro Coupe - auto car for sale
Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Audi A5 - 2.0T Sport 2dr All-wheel Drive quattro Coupe - auto car for sale
2017 Audi A5 - 2.0T Sport 2dr All-wheel Drive quattro Coupe - auto car for sale


The fashionably stylish Audi A5 coupe and convertible have been renewed for the 2017 example year. For 2017, Audi A5 Sports "re coming with" S way magnified intakes and rear spoiler and a brand-new flat-bottomed steering wheel with paddle shifters.

Introduced for 2008, the A5 Sport coupe and A5 Cabriolet convertible are built around the foundation of the prior-generation A4 sedan. All-new forms are on the horizon.

These shiny Audis graded among the best-looking two-door vehicles manufactured in this century. The coupe is the purest layout, with its crispy roofline. Inside, the cars are beautifully designed and detailed.

Underway, the A5 extradites an easygoing, hitherto stylish, driving know. It answers briskly and accelerates rapidly, politenes of its turbocharged 2.0 -liter four-cylinder instrument, which develops 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Coupes can have either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission, but the Cabriolet is automatic-only.

All A5 representations have Audi's quattro all-wheel drive.

The high-performance Audi S5, powered by a supercharged V6 that generates 333 horsepower, comes in both torso forms.

Drive Select can reform the A5' s steering, throttle enterprise, suspension, and dissemination programming, to provide a more responsive feeling. The Drive Select system can couple with variable-ratio Dynamic Steering. We'd bounced both, instead choosing the athletic suspension, which includes some confidence to cover, hitherto becomes the razz only slightly firmer.

Convertible crests on the Cabriolets are particularly well-designed. The weather-insulated cloth crests can lower in less than 20 seconds. Breezy top-down motoring follows. Convertibles are fitted with active pop-up roll bars and largest slope airbags.

The current A5 has not been crash-tested by either major refuge agency. Though some active-safety peculiarities are absent, Audi offers optional lane-departure admonish, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise restraint, and adaptive headlights. Navigation is optional, coupled in the Technology package with a rearview camera, lane-change facilitate, and Google Earth mapping.

Coupes have a panoramic sunroof, which chips into headroom. The latest-generation infotainment controller improves restraint of audio, navigation, and other on-screen operates.


The 2017 Audi A5 Sport Coupe comes with turbocharged 2.0 -liter four-cylinder instrument and manual ($ 41,200) or automatic ($ 42,200) dissemination, leather set, flat-bottom steering wheel with paddle shifters, tri-zone automatic climate control, Bang& Olufsen 14 -speaker audio, satellite radio, Bluetooth hands-free phone, keyless kindling, power front seats, cruise restraint, and a panoramic sunroof. A brand-new Convenience package includes heated front seats with driver's memory, Audi boosted key, and auto-dimming outside mirrors. A Black optic container includes 19 -inch 10 -spoke-Y layout black rotates.

A5 Cabriolet ($ 48,600) has a power-folding fabric crest.

Audi S5 Coupe features a 333 -horsepower supercharged V6 engine and manual ($ 53,100) or automatic ($ 54,100 ); S5 Cabriolet ($ 61,100) can stop the top. 


Unlike some of today's more ostentatious representations, the A5 is subtle, with negligible detailing. The result is stylish as well as understated, evenly handsome, whether in coupe or Cabriolet form. As is often the example with soft-tops, the Cabriolet shows a tempting indication of debasement, who are capable of intensify its visceral appeal.

The only sore spot is received up front, supplied by a deep, open-jawed grille that seems too big for the car. That's all the more true since decorators have slimmed down the headlights and moderated the grille's chassis.

Despite regular simulateds, the A5' s sketch is still unique. Reminiscent of classic sports cars, its muscularity blends with contemporary details that show an explicit road existence. LED lighting facilitates stimulate the A5 recognizable.


A lushly determined torso deserves a complementary interior. Downplayed hitherto curvaceous, even lavish, the A5 cabin excels on that tally, spurning continuing trend that insist on brightwork. Chassis appear solacing, while trim choices pull from carbon to grove to stainless steel, all the factors rating high in fit and finish. Combinations of leather, metal, grove, and plastic are expertly crafted.

Audi's midsize two-doors are intended for five fares. As a practical purposes, the A5 works best for a pair and adequate luggage, but an additional fare or two can squeeze into the coupe's back seat. Space is tighter in Cabriolets. Seat contouring is better in coupes, whereas convertibles make do with flatter, smaller back seats. In either body mode, going in and out of rear sits can be objection, although there are doorways are long.

Up front, legroom and shoulder clearance are generous. Front sits are delicately cushioned and appropriately bolstered. Trunk room is satisfactory on coupes, with 16.3 cubic hoofs of cargo volume, but reduced to 11.3 cubic hoofs for convertibles.

Intricately detailed instruments help to add a indulgence handle. Though it takes a while to hear, Audi's excellent Multi-Media Interface( MMI) utilizes a rotary controller and central parade. 


The A5 extradites a sumptuous a better balance between position and power, along with accepted consolation. Though not a high-performance vehicle , nothing is lacking because the strong torque of the A5' s turbo-four instrument extradites more vigor than expected, responding crisply to the accelerator pedal.

Quiet and smooth the majority of members of the time, the engine get buzzy at high velocities but on equality with other luxury-brand powertrains. Not merely does the 8-speed automatic extradite quick changes, it affords strong explosions of energy for delivering. Acceleration to 60 mph is achieved in 6.6 seconds.

Comfort, rather than concert, is the primary goal in A5 ride and handling. Steering answers well, and the cornerstone suspension is appropriately capable. Ride quality is sufficiently responsive and well-composed, without discernible harshness. For sharper cover, albeit a bit more ride stiffness, a athletics suspension container is available.

Visibility is unobstructed in the coupe, but the Cabriolet's soft top can restrict the rearward thought. Including the available rearview camera, as well as change parking sensors, should naturalness low-speed maneuverability.

Each A5 is amazingly fuel-efficient for its class. The manual-shift coupe is EPA-rated at 22/32 mpg City/ Highway, or 26 mpg Mixed. Automatic sags the estimate to 21/30 mpg City/ Highway. The Cabriolet, which comes only with automatic, is EPA-rated at 21/29 mpg City/ Highway.


The Audi A5 coupe and cabriolet are beautifully designed and comparatively cheap. The huts should be a standard for interior ambience, and they come loaded with the latest technology. Second-generation A5 representations were was indicated in Germany in mid -2016, and are likely to reach the U.S. for the 2018 example year.

Driving notions by Bengt Halvorson, The Car Connection. James M. Flammang contributed to this report.

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