Friday, July 22, 2016


#WELCOMETOINDONESIASELENA SIGN TOP Trending Topic SIGN TOP Trending Topic,Selena Gomez Arrivals to Indonesia on Thursday ( 07/21/2016 ) welcomed anutsias by Selenators . It looks crowded on the Twitter social media during the last successfully perched in first position Trending Topic first order .

Tagar #WelcomeToIndonesiaSelena be evidence of their happiness greet the singer of The Same Old Love . Until this news was revealed , the hashtag is still included in the top three .

Furor tagar seen since the former singer Justin Bieber caught the eye of fans has arrived in Jakarta and was in a shopping center in Central Jakarta .Police California 580 messages in a Dodge Charger Pursuit,The news became viral on social media .

The plan , the Selenators Indonesia wants to create a new hashtag Selena welcome birthday with a new hashtag . As seen in the official twitter account fanbase @SelenatorINA who announced the project a birthday greeting via the hashtag #SelamatUlangTahunSelena promptly at 0:00 pm on July 22, 2016 .

In addition, the arrival of Selena Gomez to Indonesia was in REVIVAL TOUR concert series to be held on July 23, 2016 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition ( ICE ) , BSD , Tangerang .


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