News Football : Football Stars Pokemon craze It Go

 News Football : Football Stars Pokemon craze It Go
Wednesday, July 20, 2016
News Football : Football Stars Pokemon craze It Go News :  Football Stars Pokemon craze It Go,Sitting on the bus , ignoring all the things that are around you , and play Pokemon Go , almost all night , become the norm for millions of people around the world lately . Even for this football superstar .

Pokemon Go , a virtual game , which was released in the UK on Thursday , has been a debate that rocked the social media around the world . This game became the most popular applications in the United States that even rival Candy Crush or Tinder .

Winning Euro 2016 golden boot at the same time a successful player goalkeeper Manuel Neuer twice in the semi-final , Antoine Griezmann has joined the race for 150 Pokemon . He posted a picture of the action in France in the 2016 European Cup mat with the image of Pikachu tucked in the lower left corner of the image,Xabi Alonso Sanches tuned to Play Together ,showing that his summer plans this time will be spent on Pokeballs .

Antoine Griezmann is not the only star fevers Pokemon .

It seems that Borussia Dortmund was not separated from this fever , as expressed by Marcel Schmelzer from an uploaded photo on Twitter on Thursday last . The photograph is a photograph of the players who were busy playing Pokemon Go with each gadget in the bus.

Duo attacker Pieree - Emerick Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembele looks very preoccupied with their respective smartphone for struggling in the battle to secure Drowzee . Rattata , and Oddish , which even makes them do not realize when teammate Marcel Schmelzer secretly take their pictures .

They are not the only player who caught a cold , almost the entire cast of the German club looks really enjoy this brand-new game in Dortmund bus via smartphones respectively .

No doubt this is not the last time we will hear the soccer stars enjoy Pokemon Go.

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