It's hard to raise Weight? singer causes

 It's hard to raise Weight? singer causes
Saturday, July 23, 2016
 It's hard to raise Weight? singer causes It's hard to raise Weight? singer causes,Some people have problems with weight gain is difficult to control , but most are struggling to raise the number of scales weight. You who have done various ways to raise the weight but weight gain has not yet increased , some of the following reasons can be used as knowledge to reevaluate the mistakes you might do

Factors causing difficulty gaining weight is not just a matter of food , but there are other factors such as the following .

Lack of rest

During sleep, the human growth hormone start to work . So if you want to gain weight , you have to take advantage of time off as well as possible . It is intended that the body could produce more cortisol to help form muscle tissue .

Balance physical activity with the intake

If you have to do more physical activity than usual especially in a long time , should be balanced with adequate nutrition . Energy you have to spend to be immediately replaced if the activity is not offset by the intake of a balanced , then consequently you will find it hard to gain weight.


Many people think that exercise is a quick way for the body to be thin . Though there are some sports that aimed to gain weight by adding muscle mass .


Stress can also lead to problems with digestion so that food can not be digested properly and this is so the weight is not increased.

often exercise

Too often perform workouts that burn more fat , it can also make it difficult to gain weight. Because the body will quickly run into burning metabolism .#WELCOMETOINDONESIASELENA SIGN TOP Trending Topic ,Therefore , do exercise with moderation and do not overdo it .

enough to eat

Of all the things that should be considered to gain weight is the food . When you start to feel hungry , eat quickly , but it must be remembered , avoid junk food or foods high in fat .

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