Breaking News : Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai

Breaking News : Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai
Thursday, July 21, 2016
Breaking News : Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai -Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai, large blaze was reported to have hit a skyscraper in Dubai . Currently , firefighters are struggling to handle the ferocious blaze in sulafa tower , Dubai Marina .

The flame was precisely hit the 35th floor of the tower . Until now , it is unclear whether there were any casualties as a result of a fire in the building.

According to a spokesman for the Civil Defense , they know this fire incident at 2:48 pm local time . Tim brigade of Al Marsa , Al Barsha , Al Rashidiya and Al Karama immediately deployed to the scene to extinguish the fire " .

Eyewitnesses at the scene wrote in his Twitter account , " The crowd have been evacuated by the time police officers Dubai . Civil defense response is very fast . I am sure this fire will be controlled in a short time " .

There are eight fire engines and several ambulances at the scene today . Similarly, as reported by Express on Wednesday ( 07/20/2016 ) .

The fire appears to be extinguished .17 Le Corbusier building designated as a world heritage site .In addition to the rapid response of the officer , the case of fire , the rain has also been looked down . These conditions would facilitate a team effort to put out the fire .

Sulafa tower , Dubai Marina is known to have a high of approximately 285 meters and at the same time making it the tallest building in Dubai 23rd and 127th in the World .

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