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About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik

About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik Delhi , 16 Shawwal 1437/21 July 2016 ( MINA ) -About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik, About 100 Mass Organizations and Media in India and Bangladesh held a meeting to support the world's leading scholars proselytizing Dr Zakir Naik who was alleged to have inspired militants carry out terror attacks in the cafe bombing Dhaka , Bangladesh on July 1 .

Mi'raj Islamic News Agency ( MINA ) from a source in The Indian Express said in a meeting that began on Thursday ( 07/14/2016 ) leaders last week that Muslim organizations gain support for proselytizing Zakir Naik .

" Although there are differences of opinion, but we will support it," a joint statement.

Some of the leading organizations present at the meeting support that include : Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen , Maharashtra Action Committee, Zakir Naik Rally , Bangladeshi Militants , Bangladesh Attack , India News , Mumbai News , Bangladesh News , National News , International News , World news , and more .

Separately, a number of mass organizations coordinated 25 The Maharashtra Action Committee ( MAC ) and Kul Jamaat E Tanzeem held separate meetings on Sunday ( 17/07/2016 ) in Kondhwa and Pune Camp area , is also rallying support for the participation of Zakir Naik .

On Tuesday evening ( 07.19.2016 ) next , a joint meeting of members of all organizations tersebu return to action to improve support for climbing .

Azar Tamboli , Secretary General of the MAC , said , " We have differences on certain issues with Zakir Naik , but the way he is being targeted today are wrong . There is no evidence of his involvement in any terror activity . And putting a ban on him to preach , contrary to the freedom of speech and expression. So we have decided to support him . "

As reported earlier , last week the Government of Bangladesh recently banned the Peace TV broadcasts courtesy of Dr. Zakir Naik . Bangladesh reasoned , lectures Naik has inspired militant group in the country carry out a terror attack in a cafe bombing Dhaka on July 1 . In addition , the perpetrators also recognize Naik.

Dr Zakir Naik himself has given an answer refutation through the media that there are millions of fans around the world . Even according to 50 percent of whom are citizens of Bangladesh .

"To say that I am inspired gunman to kill a man who is not bersalaha dalah devil , " he said as mentioned Tarbiyah .

Naik added in explanation , that blames himself for the terror bombings blamed Dhaka same as Einstein on the atomic bombings that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Because bombs on two cities in Japan that terisnpirasi using the formula E = mc2 Einstein her .

Dr Zakir Naik is currently located in the African region in the circuit safari message.

Dr Zakir Naik , his full name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik , was born in Mumbai , the state capital Maharasthra , India , October 18, 1965 (age 50 years ) . He is known as an Indian Muslim speaker and author of things about Islam and Comparative Religions .

These scholars excelled in debate and inter-religious dialogue , supported by the ability to memorize the Koran ( hafidz ) and memorized Sahih Bukhari and Muslim . Naik also memorized the books of other religions , such as the Vedas , the Tripitaka , the Bhagavad Gita .

The presence of Indian-born cleric is often considered controversial because it was considered too critical in inter-religious debate . However , with a variety of healthy dialogue , argumentative , broke interlocutors with peeling various books conveys. Instead many of the clergy , scientists, students , non - Muslim , eventually became converts , Islam .Breaking News : Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai .After speaking or hearing interreligious dialogue presented Dr Zakir Naik .

Because contributions and outstanding activity against preaching Islam, he never received an award from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the event the King Faisal International Prize ( KFIP ) . ( T / P4 / R02 )

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