About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik

About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik
Thursday, July 21, 2016
About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik Delhi , 16 Shawwal 1437/21 July 2016 ( MINA ) -About 100 organizations in India and Bangladesh Support Zakir Naik, About 100 Mass Organizations and Media in India and Bangladesh held a meeting to support the world's leading scholars proselytizing Dr Zakir Naik who was alleged to have inspired militants carry out terror attacks in the cafe bombing Dhaka , Bangladesh on July 1 .

Mi'raj Islamic News Agency ( MINA ) from a source in The Indian Express said in a meeting that began on Thursday ( 07/14/2016 ) leaders last week that Muslim organizations gain support for proselytizing Zakir Naik .

" Although there are differences of opinion, but we will support it," a joint statement.

Some of the leading organizations present at the meeting support that include : Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen , Maharashtra Action Committee, Zakir Naik Rally , Bangladeshi Militants , Bangladesh Attack , India News , Mumbai News , Bangladesh News , National News , International News , World news , and more .

Separately, a number of mass organizations coordinated 25 The Maharashtra Action Committee ( MAC ) and Kul Jamaat E Tanzeem held separate meetings on Sunday ( 17/07/2016 ) in Kondhwa and Pune Camp area , is also rallying support for the participation of Zakir Naik .

On Tuesday evening ( 07.19.2016 ) next , a joint meeting of members of all organizations tersebu return to action to improve support for climbing .

Azar Tamboli , Secretary General of the MAC , said , " We have differences on certain issues with Zakir Naik , but the way he is being targeted today are wrong . There is no evidence of his involvement in any terror activity . And putting a ban on him to preach , contrary to the freedom of speech and expression. So we have decided to support him . "

As reported earlier , last week the Government of Bangladesh recently banned the Peace TV broadcasts courtesy of Dr. Zakir Naik . Bangladesh reasoned , lectures Naik has inspired militant group in the country carry out a terror attack in a cafe bombing Dhaka on July 1 . In addition , the perpetrators also recognize Naik.

Dr Zakir Naik himself has given an answer refutation through the media that there are millions of fans around the world . Even according to 50 percent of whom are citizens of Bangladesh .

"To say that I am inspired gunman to kill a man who is not bersalaha dalah devil , " he said as mentioned Tarbiyah .

Naik added in explanation , that blames himself for the terror bombings blamed Dhaka same as Einstein on the atomic bombings that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Because bombs on two cities in Japan that terisnpirasi using the formula E = mc2 Einstein her .

Dr Zakir Naik is currently located in the African region in the circuit safari message.

Dr Zakir Naik , his full name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik , was born in Mumbai , the state capital Maharasthra , India , October 18, 1965 (age 50 years ) . He is known as an Indian Muslim speaker and author of things about Islam and Comparative Religions .

These scholars excelled in debate and inter-religious dialogue , supported by the ability to memorize the Koran ( hafidz ) and memorized Sahih Bukhari and Muslim . Naik also memorized the books of other religions , such as the Vedas , the Tripitaka , the Bhagavad Gita .

The presence of Indian-born cleric is often considered controversial because it was considered too critical in inter-religious debate . However , with a variety of healthy dialogue , argumentative , broke interlocutors with peeling various books conveys. Instead many of the clergy , scientists, students , non - Muslim , eventually became converts , Islam .Breaking News : Inferno Hit Skyscraper in Dubai .After speaking or hearing interreligious dialogue presented Dr Zakir Naik .

Because contributions and outstanding activity against preaching Islam, he never received an award from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the event the King Faisal International Prize ( KFIP ) . ( T / P4 / R02 )

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