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Subaru Revealed Behind 2011 Mediocrity Marketing Hoax; What do you Say Kia?

As some of you pointed out, Subaru changed into the perpetrator hiding behind the week-lengthy 2011 Mediocrity campaign, which confirmed a beige-cladded first-generation Kia Optima in a scoop-like collection of photos. Upon searching at the primary set of snap shots that arrived in our mailbox (examine here), we knew that this changed into a few kind of devious viral marketing campaign.

It is actual that these form of campaigns may be as an alternative reasonably-priced and but extraordinarily powerful. However, they also can backfire. And in our opinion, that is the case with Subaru's attempt to sell / convince us that the modern Legacy is the alternative of the so-known as 'beige' mid-size sedans.

We anticipate the creators of the marketing campaign believed nobody might figure out that the auto buried underneath all that beige make-up changed into an older Kia Optima.

Mark this down as a big mistake, because once we observed out, we have been certain to make a evaluation among the Legacy and the impending 2011 Kia Optima (and not of course, its decade-vintage predecessor...).

And in our e-book, at least, in what worries the seems branch, the brand new Optima makes the Legacy seem beiger than Japan's beigest beige...

Now, wouldn't it's exciting if Kia replied with a 'beige' answer / business to Subaru's campaign?

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