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BMW Z2 (2015)

CAR GARAGE | BMW Z2 (2015) | One British source projects a near-$ 41,000 base price at current exchange rates. As a result, says Auto Bild, the Z2 will Boast a uni body made of costlier high-strength-steel, plus an aluminum-plastic composite hood and trunk lid and front fenders. Weight-watching also explains the convertible's folding soft top, the which may be manual, though power operation is sure to be available. We've seen conflicting intel on 2015 BMW Z2 power trains - understandable, as BMW has Lately been cooking up enough new engines to confuse outsiders. The Z2 will be Offered initially with a pair of turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engines.

For Reasons of cost and simplicity, both engines should couple to a 6-speed manual transmission and a torque-converter automatic. Predictably, there's already talk of a high-performance variant developed by BMW's M Division in-house "tuner" operation. This "Z2 M" Likely would mate the company's new "N55" 300-horsepower turbocharged 3.0-liter 6-cylinder to the 7-speed DCT dual-clutch automated manual transmission now fitted to the iconic M3 sports coupe. That transmission behaves much like a traditional torque-converter automatic. The result should be one small rapid sports car - assuming it Happens, as we think it eventually will. Auto Bild's reporting confirms the 2015 BMW Z2 That will offer one or more of the brand's fuel-saving "Efficient Dynamics" features. These would include a "smart" That decouples the alternator drive from the engine except when coasting or braking; engine idle-stop and brake-energy-recuperation systems, as on many gas / electric hybrids; even an up shift indicator light to temper fuel-wasting lead foot driving.

BMW's new "sharknose" face should be evident, and rolling stock will be sized to fill the wheel arches. We'd look for 17-inch wheels as standard, optional 18S, both Shod with BMW's now-customary run-flat tires.Being based on the F20 platform, the 2015 BMW Z2 will feature the expected 4-wheel independent suspension, here comprising front struts, rear multilink geometry, and an anti-roll bar at each end. Brakes will naturally be 4-wheel discs with ABS and an integrated BMW Dynamic Stability Control anti skid system with traction control. BMW's Dynamic Drive Control electronic chassis tailoring and other driving aids should be available, but Perhaps not every one in the corporate cupboard, again for Reasons of cost and simplicity.

The 2015 BMW Z2 Z4 Will Likely offer many features, though again probably not all, for Reasons of cost and weight. Likely Options will include the aforementioned power seats, windows, and top, plus xenon headlamps; key less entry / engine start; regular and M Sport packages with uprated suspension, larger wheels, and specific styling touches; navigation system; heated seats; and wood or aluminum cockpit trim. In all, the 2015 BMW Z2 Strikes us as a promising new small sports car That Could give the ever-popular Miata a run for its money, even if it's more money to begin with. As far as we know, the 2015 BMW Z2 will not have any game-changer Innovations, although the magnesium engine block and drive shaft reported by Auto Bild would be remarkable for a lower-end sports car and a number of high-dollar rides too .

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