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2011 New Renault Cars Latitude Family Saloon

Through much of the last decade, Renault's product lineup lived up to the long-standing French reputation for peculiar design. This was particularly true of its flagship model, the bizarre looking five-door hatchback Vel Satis. That unsuccessful model is now set to be replaced by a much more conventional looking four-door sedan dubbed the Latitude. The Latitude is built on a stretched version of the mid-sized Laguna platform and shares its powertrain options, including the new 3.0-liter diesel V6.

The Latitude is based on the Renault Group’s 2010 Samsung SM5 sedan — which itself is based on the Renault Laguna — that recently went on sale in South Korea. Renault has today provided the first glimpse of its latest international status-enhancing family saloon, Renault Latitude. The Renault Latitude will replace the discontinued and controversial Vel Satis hatchback. Tailored to meet the demand of its different markets, Renault Latitude's specification will deliver the car's different customers a truly high-end package that will position it as the spearhead of international Renault's saloon car range. It will be shown at the forthcoming Moscow Motor Show, Russia, and is due to go on sale this autumn in Asia, Africa, Russia, Turkey, Gulf, Australia and Mexico.

European version of Renault Latitude will be one of the principal new attractions of the 2010 Paris Motor Show where visitors will get a chance to examine its interior design, while full details of the model’s equipment lists and engines ranges will also be released. The international media will be invited to road test Renault Latitude before the end of 2010, and sales will begin shortly afterwards. The contours of the grille are flanked by distinctive bi-Xenon adaptive directional headlights, while chrome embellishments contribute to the unmistakable impression of dynamism and status exuded by the car's overall lines. Its rear-end forms point to ample boot space, and the new car can effectively claim one of the biggest boots in its class. The rear lighting signature employs LED technology and harmonizes perfectly with the chrome rear strip which carries the new model's name: Renault Latitude.

Based at the identical structure as New SM5, which turned into lately launched inside the Korean marketplace, Renault Latitude income significantly from Renault's engineering knowledge. Occupants gain from a comfortable, silent trip, in addition to a specifically specific chassis and a preference of powerplants that are sure to present it a decisive edge over its opponents. The complete gadget listing, a good way to be revealed at a later date, locations the emphasis on innovation and touring consolation, along with a twin-mode air ionizer with double fragrance diffuser, triple-quarter weather manipulate, a massaging motive force's seat, Bose Premium audio, the Renault hands-unfastened card, and many others.

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