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RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #2 Cut, Mask and Paint

Underway... However soooo lots greater to do... I do not want to reflect onconsideration on it.

When the Demi Works Rocket Bunny kit for the FD3s came out I became excited. However the greater I checked out it I turned into dissapointed with the semi-scale appearance.

 The scale details inside the Demi Works kit, just are not there and some of the shapes are just a chunk ~~~ wrong.

The road for the decrease edge of the bumper is not moulded, nor is the road for the front fender be a part of. The small mild dimples do not even display and the form of the aspect oil cooler intakes aren't like this at all.

And the Rear is nowhere near the width it needs to be. But... Near is close so the mission starts and I'll do my quality.

But my fine might not be tto correct. When you chop alongside the traces... Nicely clearly . It's quite bad.

But finally, you can resurrect some thing. The lexan is so tender any slip with the knife and you are in the chance sector.

I idea about making moderate cuts to recreate the fender join and the the front bumper lip, however I erred at the safety side. I already has a runaway drill on the front mild dimples.

So after three hours of alignment and getting the whole lot in line... I started the overlaying.

Another three hours later. The mask had been implemented "to the internal"

The cease end result can be OK.

Next up... Window masks and and light information.

Next day become a paint day. Cold day method painting in the front of the heater. Heat up the frame, warmth up the paint and all is nicely.

I also prepped the original the front bar... And I pound some 86 V2 Bonnet vents that I will installation.

So a short mock up... Before the second one level of putting off the lettering masks. The lettering color will no longer be black.

Front lip will exchange the appearance a little again to a extra everyday FD3s appearance.

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