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From 2020 onwards, BMW will be capable to do any of the series of electric models, all possible SUV models between IX1 and IX9.

The first Ix3 - 2020.

  The first IX3 will be an electric version, with designer ingredients that are inspired by the Concept iVision Dynamics and will be manufactured as a 4-door i4 coupe, which is not the only electric vehicle to be confirmed by BMW today. According to the announcements, the Ix3 will only offer rear-wheel drive with a power of 300 horsepower and a 70 kW KW lithium-ion battery so that you can expect autonomy of at least 250 kilometers.

INEXT - 2021.

With Inext, BMW will implement its latest autonomous driving technology, which by 2025 will be fully completed with the latest most advanced version. In the period when Inext production will be started, it will probably be renamed to ix6. Inext is such a fantastic concept that Kruger described it as the manufacturer's flagship. This means that it will serve as a "Halo car" for BMW that will take on new features that will later reduce cars with greater volume.

i4-2021 year.

The concept that was presented in Frankfurt or a car known as i4 is a redesigned version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe set on the CLAR WE platform. The I4 will reach 435 miles per charge, and it is pointed out that each eDRIVE contoh will get between 340 and 435 miles. The BMW i4 is announced in 3 different performances. It is expected to have an air suspension, a two-stroke engine, an all-wheel drive, and a rear-wheel drive management.

i3-2022 year.

The electric triple is a specific car itself, which means that its interior must be separate. It will not be the classic successor to the current BMW electric model, but rivals to the Tesla Model 3 with a groundbreaking 3 series. The spacious interior has enough space for 4 adult passengers, and with special coach doors it is possible to quickly and easily accommodate passengers on the rear seats. The BMW Group's chassis is redesigned to be ready for an electric drive unit and the battery will be placed under the rear seats. iX1-2022-2023.

The new Ix1 fully electric crossover will replace the i3 and will debut in 2022 and 2023. It will withdraw the carbon fiber construction, for an economical aluminum and steel architecture. The package will have more steel instead of the expensive combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. It's a 5-door crossover, which, in addition to the attractive design, will use the front-wheel drive platform for the next generation of the 1 Series. A front-wheel drive architecture will also be built, rather than being driven on the rear wheels like the i3.

Electric X1 2022 will stop.

By logic this contoh should get the ix1 name, but it's occupied by the current i3 because it is the smallest in size. This is an electric version of the next generation of x1, which can only be offered for the Chinese market where authorities want to neutralize internal combustion engines as soon as possible.

i5-2023 year.

It is said that the i5 will be with spectacular design as its i3 and i8 brothers, with no butterfly doors. It will have an attractive look without sacrificing the comfort of its passengers. It is a true crossover, which with its design will combine coupe and limousine elements. The sources say that the i5 will use a hydrogen fuel cell system. The curve that is 15 centimeters higher than the i4 will provide more space for the battery and passengers. Four types of battery boxes with capacity between 60 and 130 KWh.

IX5-2024 are expected.

It is a classic electric performance of the fifth generation X5. The large SUV can be offered with 2 or tiga electric motors as well as some battery configurations. Ix5 LWB 2023. This version is also designed for the Chinese market, in fact it is longer i5 with three rows seats, an option that is more often required on the world's largest market. If this contoh is offered on the US market then it is expected to be manufactured in Spartenburg.

I7 2022-2023.

The seventh series of the BMW i7 does not have a 48-volt electric system, so the luxurious electric version will have to wait until the next generation 2023. The i7 batteries are placed in the transmission tunnel under the seats above the rear axle, and electric motors have five power levels from 160 to 320KW.

I8 2024-2025

The successor i8 will be up to 2022. Due to the desire to make certain changes that connected to the chassis, batteries and the drive unit, BMW is not in a hurry to concretize the heir. In a drive unit, a four-engine instead of tiga-cylinder engine should be included. The range of the compartment equipped with two cooling circuits should be between 400 and 800 km, depending on the driving style and the battery's look.

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