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GCRC Tues Play #1

Battle Training... @ GCRC,

Lead or follow... Just get it on!

Get your proximity in Check...

TIGHT would not even describe how near battles are in recent times.

One two 3 4 5 or more.

Or maybe you're just a single... There's something to practice.

This picture shows motive force's age with a 45 12 months spread. Maturity and young people.

I wish I nevertheless had those youthful reflexes.

V8 vs V86

Both strolling fantastic!

What are you looking at?

Brock Commodore is setup for a few amusing using.

Battle prepared!

My V8 Cruiser features $1.50c light kit.  Xmas time has lots of bargains.

Diving into the loop segment.

And the high speed exit.

There wasn't a lot ruin time for me this night.

Happy to steer and allow the others knock on the door a bit. Note: Pliers a transient weight answer.

Stay tuned for component II.

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